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L.NOVUM is a men’s fine jewelry brand dedicated to crafting minimally luxe pieces with the utmost attention to detail. Founded by designer Logan Bailey, the collections draw inspiration from music, technology and contemporary influences, all re-interpreted to be universally appealing. Seeking to bridge the gap between fashion-forward and timeless at once, L.NOVUM collections offer a perfect solution for the modern man who dares to be different.

L.NOVUM officially launched in 2017 after years of meticulous craftsmanship by Bailey and his artisan partners. After starting work on the designs in his hometown of Southern California, Bailey, an avid-travel enthusiast, took the collection across the world to his second home in Bali and continues to work on it today between both continents. It is this global perspective and thirst for adventure that continues to inspire each L.NOVUM collection today. Seeking to bring something new and innovative to the end consumer with each collection released, Bailey named the collection L.NOVUM – the “L” standing for his first name, Logan, and “NOVUM” representing the Latin word for “new,” a constant reminder to the designer to continue to challenge the creative process and market place to deliver unique pieces to the end consumer.

Each L.NOVUM piece is crafted by the most technologically advanced tools and finished off by the hands of master artisans in small workshops, ensuring the end result is nothing short of perfect. Having spent the majority of his life traveling the globe, Bailey felt it was the smallest details that truly make the difference in creating a piece of jewelry that will withstand the test of time and it is this thinking that drives the L.NOVUM creation process today. When one acquires an L.NOVUM piece, they are investing into fine jewelry created with the highest-grade precious metals and stones.  Due to strict quality standards, each collection is only produced in limited quantities.