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Made To Fade

Signature Extension
Of You

Made To Fade
Every piece goes through an extensive craftsmanship process, resulting in unique solid sterling silver designs for men.
Silver is a precious metal that normally requires special care.

However, our pieces are not designed to limit you, they were made to encourage you.
Each piece is coated in black oxide which scratches and fades in a way that tells your story.

(Anti) Care Instructions

To let your L.Novum piece uniquely fade, follow these simple suggestions:

  • Don't worry about it.
  • The more you wear it, the more character it gets.
  • Wear it whenever and wherever.
  • If you're okay, the piece should be too.

Care Instructions

To keep your pieces in mint condition, follow these simple suggestions:

  • Avoid exposure to any liquids, remove before bathing or sweating.
  • Avoid contact with hard surfaces and other objects.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as hairspray and sunscreen.
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