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If you're not happy, then neither are we

Wow guarantee

No compliments. No Problem.

Wearing your L.Novum piece should feel like an extension of you. We shoot great photos, but know that our pieces look way better in real life. Unless you share the same experience, we will happily refund your purchase.

These are not products you wear because you have no other options. These are products your wear because you need no other options.

We call it the wow-guarantee because you should get that feeling immediately. The same goes if you gift the product to someone else.

Size Matters…

...for some of our pieces

So if you got a piece that does not fit right, we will send you a different size right away. If you want to gift it, we will give you a sweet discount on your second purchase. 

Hassle free returns

The products are not simple, but the return process is. Just let us know what’s wrong, ship it back to us and we’ll ensure you there will be no hassle.

You will heal, the metal will not

So let us be your accessory hospital.

Our pieces are made by the top professionals in the industry. They are busy, but not too busy to help you out in case of emergency. The pieces can handle the wear and tear from everyday situations, but in case something extraordinary happens, send it our way. 

If there is a good story behind it, let us know. We are happy to share all great adventures with a positive outcome.

Logan Bailey, Founder of L.Novum
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