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75 h
60 h


Every Novum design starts with a sketch. The sketch is refined and illustrated digitally in 3D.

40 h


The design takes physical form using 3D laser printing to create a “master” of the jewelry piece. The master is used for creating rubber moulds which are filled with hot liquid wax. When the wax is cool, the mold is opened and the model is inspected under magnification. Minor imperfections are corrected before it goes on to the next step.

20 h


Using a heated tool, the models are attached to a sprue “tree”. Steel cans, called ‘flasks’ are placed over the wax trees. Investment is poured into the flasks. The flask is placed over a burner. The wax melts and runs out through the sprue opening. Sterling silver is heated to its melting point of 1650F. The molten metal is then poured into the crevices and details of the voids inside the flask. When the metal in the flask is cooled, it is quenched in a bucket of cold water which causes it to bubble and fall apart, freeing the metal casting inside the flask.

10 h


Each jewelry casting is cut off the silver tree by hand, one at a time. Once all of the castings are removed from the trees, each one is inspected for any flaws. The point where the sprue was cut must be ground off until it is smooth. The parts of the jewelry are then hand assembled. Stones are individually set upside down.

5 h


The jewelry piece is finished by buffing and lightly polishing to ensure the crisp detail of each Novum piece.

2 h


Finished pieces are inspected again. The slightest flaw is rejected and will be sent back through the process again.

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