18 Oct, 2018

Skating through Bali with Johny Eagle

An unforgetable experience

We've bumped into Johny by accident by scouting for new models to shoot in Bali. However, this wasn't your ordinary model. This was a prime example of a man with a literate dedication to #LiveByYourOwnDesign.

"Long hair - don't care" is not what describes Johny. He cares. He cares about doing whatever he does good. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw him skate the local skatepark. It was next level. And we couldn't believe how good he looked wearing L.Novum pieces.

Luckily we've managed to capture some amazing videos of him as well.
You'll see more of our adventures with Johny Eagle in a very near future. But for now give Johny a follow on his Instagram: @johny.eagle

and make sure to check out a short video of us trying to keep up with Johny skating his way through the jungle (literally doing what he does every day here in Bali): >>Click here for a video <<