05 Oct, 2018

How it all started


I have spent the majority of my adult life working remotely while simultaneously having the pleasure of experiencing different cultures all over the world. I first came to Bali in 2007 on a whim. From the moment I arrived I knew it was different. I didn’t know the logistics of it just yet, but I knew I had to stay. Bali is an island renown for its artistry and craftsmanship, and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t restrained by the expectations of society. I was finally given the space and freedom to be creative.


Surrounded by people with the same philosophy, it encouraged me to be adventurous and take risks, and to live by my own design. Each of my designs has been inspired by my many adventures. They are my expression of those journeys. L.Novum started off as a small creative vision, but has grown into what it is today – my passion project.


We are a small team comprised of individuals from all over the world who share the same spirit and philosophy. Having a small team means a lot of heart is put into each and every stage of design. it’s not about the quantity… It’s about the quality. It’s about being proud that each design carries our brand philosophy with it. We do what we love, and we love what we do. That’s freedom to us.