29 Aug, 2018

The APEX is here

We are happy to introduce our latest collection - APEX.

A constant personal development is what we believe in is. Apex is Latin for 'summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end'. In other words - pinnacle. That was our focus in designing this collection. It's a collection for those who work hard to reach the highest point of personal achievements. It's for those who drive for success and keep chasing never-ending dreams. It's masculine, elegant and it's handcrafted to perfection. It's the apex of jewelry craftsmanship. But that's not all...

Black spinel gemstones

Apex collection comes with the addition to our material lineup - black spinel gemstones. Black spinel stone is a rare gemstone made up of hard vitreous magnesium aluminium oxide or magnesium aluminate. Specifically, black spinel is one of the rarest minerals that comes from the Spinel family and is a true gemstone often confused with black tourmaline. It’s said that the name ‘Spinel’ comes from the Latin, ‘spina’ meaning thorn – this refers to the sharp crystal formations it’s made up of. In Mohs rating it's 8 on the hardness scale.

4 new pieces:

- A 60g Apex bracelet, that comes with 92 black spinels;
- A heavy 17g ring, featuring 42 black spinel gemstones;
- 30 inch (76 cm) long necklace with 12 black spinels;
- And a pair of cufflinks, both weighing 23 grams and featuring 20 black spinel stones.