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Amazing can only be achieved by breaking boundaries.

This was the mindset of designer Logan Bailey that sparked the creation of L.Novum. Having left America to travel and experience the world, Logan eventually stumbled upon Bali, Indonesia in 2008, where he put down roots.

It was through these travels and living in various countries that he uncovered an unconventional way of living; one where having a luxurious lifestyle and having freedom, both in time and mobility, were not mutually exclusive. This new culture is referred to as the “New Rich”.

Being “New Rich” means having the ability to abandon a deferred-life plan to find alternative careers that give the fortune of living presently, the freedom in having a currency made of time and mobility, while also allowing a pursuit in less conventional passions. In an effort to conceptualize the essence of Logan’s newfound way of living, the story of L.Novum began.

The L.NOVUM logo is a synthesis of an hourglass and infinity symbol, representing infinite possibilities & the limitations of time.
We are a global collective

We choose to live in a world without boundaries. Sourcing talent from all over the world, our team stretches accross the globe. The creative design process begins with our founder, Logan Bailey, in Bali. When the designs feel ready, they are sent to our small community of artisans in Thailand for production. It is there that Dutch goldsmith, Martin Dauztenberg, leads the team with over 30 years of experience producing technical fine jewelry. Our media team spans as far as Lithuania, headed by creative director Adam Aleno.

Initium Novum means starting something new, which is what I set out to do.
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